At a private showing of "Broken Propeller".

Comments from the audience:

"Wow! What an incredible film. Christine, your respect and kindness that you showed the victims and first responders was incredible. I hope to see this in wider distribution. Remarkable story and so much love."

"Great movie. I love how it captured such a tragic event and created a touching and inspirational loving story."

"Thank you Christine for the time you took to create and share this beautiful story of resilience, courage, and most importantly love."

"Thank you Christine and the Elvin family for telling this story. Your extraordinary courage and resilience is so inspiring to me and to all who see this movie."

"Congratulations on making a beautiful film on what could be a tough topic".

“Excellent!! This needs to be shown to the Reno Community in a large venue. It nees to be advertised so that all involved and the community as a whole can go see this fabulous account  , , , God bless you for sharing this with us.”

 “Thank you for producing this movie. There are wonderful people in this town which you showed in this movie. Great job!”

 “Everyone who sees Broken Propeller will get a better sense of what happened in the Air Races tragedy. Not only the cause, but the incredibly complicated effects. We got to meet all sorts of people whose lives were changed by that one event.  We got to see how some of the people most directly affected dealt with such a crippling event. And we got to see healing.”

 “Your movie does what every documentary strives to do – to inform. And it offers a bonus few documentaries do: It makes us feel good about humanity, our community and ourselves.”

 “The best piece of music in the whole piece was the closing “Recipe that Cannot Fail.” It was such a surprise to learn that you had it created from a poem written in youth by a victim of the crash. You obviously found a very good songwriter, because it was as catchy as it was beautiful in wording. That was a wonderfully uplifting way to end the film.”

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A quote from an attendee at the Reno Premiere of "No Longer In Service": "I understand why you make documentaries; you’re so good at it."



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