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Arabian Silk: Horses of Endurance

A fun look at Endurance Riding


Arabian Silk_DVD

This heart-warming and intriguing film inspects the fastest growing equestrian discipline of Endurance Horse Racing. The story follows Roger, an endurance horse, through his life of racing and illuminates the powerful friendship between him and his rider, Jerry. The sport has been described as arduous and painful, as well as pleasant and fulfilling. At its most grueling, Endurance Racing demands a horse and rider to go 100 miles in under 24 hours. With only few mandatory breaks for rest, racers endure seemingly endless hours of hard riding under the desert sun during the day and courageously trek through the ominous darkness of pitch-black night. The purity of the connection between horse and rider is poignant and inspiring, as you watch the bond strengthen into deep, touching friendship as they go through trial and triumph.

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