A family legacy video is more than just a story with a happy ending; it is a memoir of your life's struggles and accomplishments; it is an investment in your family's future wealth; it is a motivational piece that gives a proper perspective to your dreams and goals; and it fosters appreciation for family wealth by future generations.

By combining family photos, videos, and film footage with interviews, Gypsy Moth Productions can produce a story that captures the intent of those that created the family's wealth and the contributions of all those involved in building the family legacy.

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The BookVideoDisc is an excellent tool to help publishers and authors promote their books. The BookVideoDisc utilizes voice over book excerpts combined with film footage and original music and songs that gives the potential book buyers an opportunity to "view" the book on a DVD or streamed on-line. This gives book buyers the visual enhancement to better understnd the book's contents.

The BookVideoDisc can be used to promote books during speaking engagements, or book "trailers can be added to websites to further attract book buyers.

Promotional Videos for your Website


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Promotional videos will make your website come to life, bringing it to the next level.

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Preserve your travel or special occasion memories.

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Family Documentaries

Video Invitations

Video Invitations are a unique way to invite family and friends to your next event - Birthday, Wedding, Theme Party, etc. Humorous or serious, your guests will never forget their invitation and it's one they will never throw out.

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